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Network Repair

What can go wrong with a running network that has been configured and installed correctly? Actually, there are a number of things that, over time, can cause performance issues and security lapses.  One of the most obvious issues is that as hardware ages it starts to go out of specification.  This is due to things like hot/cold cycles which can loosen components and lead to high resistance connections, dust buildup that creates hotspots on components, fans that slow down due to dirt buildup or bearing wear, hard drive fragmentation, and the list goes on.  Even one workstation with a "chattering" network adapter can bring an entire network down.  The failure rate of every piece of hardware is 100%... at some point it will fail. 

However, preventative maintenance will extend the life of components as far as possible while providing performance and security benefits as well.

Software, on the other hand, usually causes problems when changes are made; whether by users when other software is installed, or even if the manufacturer modifies it as part of a "patch" campaign.  Data can also become corrupt due to a failing hard drive, a failing hard drive controller, or poorly designed software that interacts negatively with other programs.

These software errors can be problematic and time consuming to find and fix.  Keeping current on maintenance greatly minimizes the time required to solve the problems.

On-Site or Remote Support

Networking Delaware offers both On-Site and Remote Support for almost every server, workstation, laptop, router, firewall, or other networked device. Only units which are experiencing certain problems that prevent Internet access are excluded from remote support.

The advantages of remote support are well known: In a fully monitored environment, such as our Network Defender plan, remote support can be initiated as soon as an alert is issued by the monitoring agent.   In a non-monitored setting, support is as near as your telephone...No more waiting for hours for a support engineer to arrive on site. In the rare situation that we can not resolve the problem remotely, we can often determine the cause remotely which will result in more effective response when we do arrive on-site.

Pick-up & Delivery

Networking Delaware provides pick-up and delivery service on everything we support.  When it becomes obvious that the time it is going to take to repair a unit is going to be prohibitive, we will normally move the unit to our shop for repair.  There is no charge for pick-up or delivery to locations within 20 miles of Wilmington Delaware.

Server Maintenance

Servers are very specialized computers that require equally specialized maintenance procedures.  Treating a server like a workstation will result in ineffective operation and possible data damage or even loss.  Make sure your maintenance team is experienced and certified to support your specific server unit.

Networking Delaware's engineers are certified by Microsoft®, HP and Dell®.

Workstation Repair

While workstations do require less specialized support than servers, they still have their own requirements.  Since workstations typically run the client portions of applications and database programs their network connectivity speed and configuration is of special importance and require ongoing maintenance as well.

  Router Maintenance

Routers require very little maintenance as long as they are located inside a secure parimeter. When a router is exposed to the public Internet or acts as a firewall, it must be checked constantly to assure it has not been compromised.  Changes made surreptitiously  to port forwarding rules, MAC tables, or routing tables can endanger the entire network.

  Firewall Configuration

Like exposed routers, a firewall requires monitoring on a regular basis to assure it has not been compromised by hackers.  Changes made surreptitiously  to the firewall rules can endanger the entire network, allow hackers to take control of mail servers to send out SPAM and pornography, and to enlist workstations into a "bot" army of zombie computers that can be controlled by the "bot master", usually from a foreign country.

  Intrusion Detection System

Intrusion detection units are computers running very specialized software and integrated into the network.  In most cases they are put on-line in each subnet.  All data flows through the IDS units before it goes to the other units on the subnet.  The IDS software looks at every packet, looking for telltail signs of an attempt to enter into the network secretly. Alerts are issued on positive searches.


Employee training is available on several general subjects such as Internet security, acceptable use, and Excel formula creation.  Training for more specialized applications and processes is available either from Networking Delaware or our vendors. Call 368-8630 for further details.   Advanced Security Training is a very important part of meeting compliance requirements for HIPPA, SOX, GLBA, FISMA, and FERC.  Any business that accepts credit cards is also subject to the PCI-DSS compliance rules which includes security awareness training.


Networking Delaware maintains specialized troubleshooting equipment for finding faults in cabling, hardware, and connectivity devices.  We also maintain a huge library of Microsoft ® troubleshooting procedures for specific situations involving operating systems and certain applications.  This, coupled with extensive experience in troubleshooting computer and network issues, makes Networking Delaware your obvious choice when problems occur.

General Computer and Laptop Repair

Networking Delaware also provides general computer repairs and upgrades such as hard drive replacement, video upgrade, dual and triple monitor video outputs, big screen integration for client presentations, wireless installations, and many other services.

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All services are offered through both "Time and Materials" and several contract levels.

For a business that wishes to make no commitment and is willing to accept the fact that there will be downtime involved when something "breaks", we offer our "Time and Materials" service.  The on-site rate is reasonable and payment is due at time of service. Established accounts can opt for Invoicing. Invoices are due in 15 days.

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