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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is quickly becoming a phenomenon in I.T. Whether it is or isn't the best decision for your business depends on many factors.  We will investigate the many forces that drive and limit your business and suggest the best course of action to lower costs without adversely affecting your security, performance and work flow.   Read More

Network Design

There are many different considerations when designing a network and each item has an impact on performance, security, or both.
Designing your network from the ground up allows us to maximize your return on investment while minimizing everything from data bottlenecks to your security exposure. 


Project Management

Whether it's a complete equipment refresh, installing a branch office, or putting an extensive disaster recovery system in place, Networking Delaware has the background and experience to get the project on track and keep it on budget. 

Website Creation and Optimization

Our dedicated Website Division can build your site, maintain your content and assure that you can be found on the Internet. Search Engine Optimization, often called simply SEO, is both a science and an art form interacting with a moving target.  Search engines constantly change their requirements and what works one day may not work the next.  Only constant tweaking by an experienced SEO engineer can assure consistent and optimal placement in search engine result pages.

  Web Hosting

We provide hosting services for websites and dedicated servers for cloud operations.   There are many benefits to placing your applications on a dedicated server.  With proper authorization your employees, sub contractors and vendors can access your applications from anywhere in the world. Also, you can transfer the server maintenance and backup requirements to the data center and away from your employees, freeing them up for other, more productive tasks.

  Malware Prevention and Removal

Cyber attacks and cyber crime are constantly evolving, and while cyber crime isnít new, the scale and complexity of recent events have stirred the interest of governments and enterprises, large and small.

Malware comes in many different forms, and the resultant infections can range from a slight aggrivation to empty bank accounts and stolen identities. We are resellers for several anti-malware vendors including GFI Vipre, AVG, Kerperski, and Symantec.

Our engineers are experienced in removal of the most stubborn Trojans and viruses, even when automatic removal fails.              Read More About Malware

  SPAM and Malware Filtering

What's the best anti-virus?  One that prevents infected files from even entering your building, and that's exactly what SPAM and malware filtering can do for your organization. A major element in your security arsenal for malware prevention should be the filtering of email before it even gets anywhere near your network. By using an intermediate facility to filter SPAM and malware you greatly decrease your attack surface and the likelihood of infection.

  Network Installation and Maintenance

The most important time in the life of your network is during the installation phase.  Mistakes made during that critical part of the project can have recurring consequences, seemingly forever.  It may even take a complete reinstallation to correct some of the possible problems.  By using best practices, manufacturers' specifications, and the extensive experience of our Network Engineers, we can assure a successful installation and a smooth transition to a productive environment.

Once the network is installed, configured, and put into production, it is only logical to maintain it to keep it running in "like new" condition.  Monthly on-site checkups coupled with constant monitoring can assure that your network is performing at optimum levels and that your security has not been compromised.  We offer several maintenance contracts that can substantially reduce the costs of this program.  Call us at 368-8630 for all of the  details.

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