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Simple Maintenance - We come on-site once a month and clean each covered machine, physically and logically.  We remove  that internal dust buildup that causes thermal problems and creates unbalanced fans.  We also defragment hard drives, remove temp files, verify anti-virus status and check backups and event log files to detect possible issues.

Extended Maintenance - In addition to the items included under Simple Maintenance, we add our monthly "Backup Reality Check".  This is a "test" restore to confirm that your backups can actually be restored.  Many times backup software will report that the backup was successful, but when the all-important time comes to restore data, you find it isn't available or is corrupt.

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Contract Programs
Preventative Maintenance Programs
Full Service Care -  Our full service care plan includes everything under the Simple Maintenance, plus the "Backup Reality Check", plus simple monitoring of the event logs of covered machines to determine when something has gone wrong.  We let you know the results, give you our suggestions and allow you to decide what action you wish to take.
Network Defender
Our Network Defender plan comes in two levels:

The basic entry-level program includes complete 24 X 7 monitoring of servers, workstations, and other end-point devices on your network. Service on monitored devices is offered at a 30% discount from our standard on-site rates and can be initiated automatically or we can inform you and wait for your authorization... your choice

The premium-level program includes everything on the basic list, but also includes all service of all monitored network end-point devices, all for one low monthly fee.  With this plan you can budget for technical support just like rent or insurance with no surprises.

Also, with the premium level plan we guarantee that your network will not go down for any reason, or we will provide all labor required to get you back to normal at no additional costs to you.

Call 302-368-8630 today to arrange a meeting about our Network Defender.
It saves data. It saves jobs. It saves businesses.
Our Bank Hours Plan

Our Bank Hours plan provides a way to save substancial amounts of money on both planned and on-demand service and support.

Fees are based on a sliding scale, determined on your package. Packages are based on 8 hour blocks of time.
Purchase 8 to 16 hours to receive a 15% discount
Purchase 24 to 32 hours to receive a 20% discount
Purchase 40 to 48 hours to receive a 25% discount
Purchase 56 hours or more to receive 30% discount

Other important advantages of the bank hour plan:

Service is offered from 8AM Monday theough 11PM Friday at the same rate; No overtime charges except for weekends and Holidays.
No travel or distance charges to locations within 25 miles of Newark, Delaware.

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