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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long has Networking Delaware been in business?

· We began as a company in 2004 as a computer support group who responded to problems whenever our clients called.

· In 2008 we moved to a much better business model where, through 24X7 monitoring we can preemptively tell our clients what was trending toward failure and what we did to fix it.  This saves our clients a lot of money and even more in frustration and lost productivity.

Q: Can't I get the same support for a lot less money?

A: You can get support for less, yes, but not the same support.

· We are neither the least expensive, nor are we the most expensive.  Our very competitive rates reflect our worth to you and are based on many factors.

· Our methods allow us to constantly monitor your systems so we can routinely turn a potential disaster into a preventative maintenance task.

· I.T. developments and the associated threats are a "moving target". Our technicians and engineers constantly update their skills to stay abreast of these changes.  We must invest in this training in both money and time.

· All our personnel have certifications and many years of experience so you aren't paying us to learn "on your dime" and on your time.

· Computer networks are complicated and often problematic. Knowing what to do when problems arise is very important to keep from making a bad situation worse, or even nearly hopeless. Doing it right the first time is always less expensive in the end.  Remediation is often time consuming and always expensive.

Q: Our office manager has been running our network for years.  Why can't they continue?

A: When we approach a new client, we always offer to perform a network audit.  In these audits we almost always find problems that have the potential to result in data loss and data corruption.  Just because it hasn't happened doesn't mean it can't happen at any time.

Q: I do a backup every night. As long as I have a backup I feel protected.  What could go so wrong as long as I have my data backed up?

A: A good backup is the foundation of an effective business protection strategy, that much is true.   However there are many different levels of protection that must be investigated. Different backup methods yield different results.  You may have a backup, but can it be restored?  Many times a restore fails. If your hardware fails, as all hardware will eventually wear out, how long will it be before you can order and replace the failed component, reload the operating system, configure the operating system, reload all programs, and finally restore your data?  Even then you will probably have to recreate the data that was generated between the time of your last successful backup and the day the data is finally restored.  This can take days to complete.  In the mean time your employees are idle. You are without your records and other resources.  Customer trust may be waning.
See our Backup and Disaster Recovery page for more information.
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