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If Your Fully Monitored Network Goes Down for Any Reason Whatsoever,
We Provide All Labor Required to Get You Back to Normal Operation
Without Any Additional Cost to YOU !
In the past there was one gigantic flaw in our business model.  Before we could act, we had to wait until our clients called us... we had to wait until they were already suffering... until their productivity was negatively impacted... In the worst of cases, people were idled or data was lost. In 2008, when new technologies became available, we made the decision that it is far better to prevent a problem than to simply react after that problem occurs.  That was when the Network Defender plan was born. For want of a better name, these types of services are referred to as "managed Services"

Before 2008, 24 X 7 network monitoring and proactive support was only financially viable for very large corporations. Just recently has the costs associated with this service become affordable for almost every business that relies on their computer systems. 

Now, approximately 7 in 10 end-user organizations today contract with a Managed Services Provider (MSP) for some or all of their technology needs, according to a recent survey report published by CompTIA. The CompTIA study found 46% of the current users of MSPs have reduced their annual IT expenditures by 25% or more as a result of their shift to managed services, with 13% experiencing 50% or more IT savings. These savings and other business benefits have driven 62% of the current users of MSPs to plan to increase the proportion of their IT operations managed by MSP over the next two years.

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The Network Defender Plan
We have made a major financial investment in this technology so that we can bring you the security, peace of mind, and problem resolution that you need to sleep soundly at night.

While we certainly do still offer "On-Demand" or "Time and Materials" support, along with customized contract arrangements, by and large our clients have moved to this "Managed Services" sphere where their systems are constantly monitored and service is initiated automatically.

Call 302-368-8630 today for all of the details about how our Network Defender plan could save YOUR business from data loss, lost productivity, and in extreme situations... possibly even from bankruptcy.

Our Network Defender plan is designed to do just one thing... To keep us, and you, informed of any threat to your system and data.

Computer systems have become so complicated, and the threats so sophisticated, that the only reliable way to monitor a network is through automation. There is no way for humans, even a trained and experienced team, to be in enough places at once to cover all the bases. 

These monitoring systems work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with no coffee breaks, no sick days, and no napping on the job.

We set thresholds, or limits, for various settings and conditions that have been determined, through experience and manufacturers best practices, to be the most critical and most likely to fail.  Any time any of these set-points go out of specification, we get an automated alert.

We then go to work to resolve the issue... usually before it even effects your operation at all.  Most problems can be addressed immediately via remote access.  For some connectivity and hardware issues that prevent remote access, our on-site response time is less than two hours.

These set-points range from Hard Drive Health, to Success or Failure of your Backups, and every critical failure point in between. This is a very important concept to digest. We can not state this enough because it is the key to all of the possible benefits of our program.

What are the benefits?  They are many and varied... and painfully critical to the safety of your systems and data.  

For example, what is the first thing you think of when considering a possible data loss?  Most people would say "a hard drive crash".  Would you?

In almost all cases, a hard drive crash is not a violent and instantaneous occurrence like most people may believe.  Instead, there are often subtle indications that occur over time... sometimes weeks... that are a precursor to the crash.  Our monitoring system can sense about a dozen of these important indicators. When one of them passes a certain preset threshold, an alert is issued.  This knowledge buys us time to prepare a preemptive solution and to schedule the repairs at a time most advantageous to you.  In other words, we have just turned a potential disaster into a routine preventative maintenance task. 

This set of hard drive indicators comprise just one of over 50 general areas that are monitored... Backup Success or failure, hacker attempts, Windows Services that are stopped when they should be running (or running when they should be disabled), Anti-virus status, Anti-Spyware status, and many, many others.

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If Your Monitored Network Goes Down for Any Reason Whatsoever,
We Provide All Labor Required to Get You Back to Normal Operation
Without Any Additional Cost to YOU !

Call Networking Delaware at  (302) 368-8630 for all the money-saving details.
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Does this sound like you?

"I just want to know my network and data are safe.  When I come in tomorrow morning I want to know I will still be in business, because my network IS my business... without it I would be dead in the water!"

If this describes you, then we really need to talk.  We have built our business around providing solutions to these very same worries and concerns. 

Our clients tell us that in addition to all of the technical advantages, the greatest single benefit they receive from our service is the total peace of mind they receive from knowing their data is safe and the gremlins are being stopped at the gate!
The Network Defender Plan
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