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Disaster Recovery
Business Continuity
The following terms are often used interchangeably, but they actually represent increasingly effective levels of preparedness for the time when a data disaster strikes.  Think of it as basic, better, and best.
Backup (sometimes erroneously called replication) = Making and storing a copy of your data so it can be restored if a data loss occurs.

Disaster Recovery = Having a process plan in place to recover from a disaster involving data loss and/or hardware failure.

Business Continuity = Having a plan and policies in place to keep a business running regardless of data, hardware, or infrastructure failures.

The level you decide is "good enough" may well define your business' survivability when that time comes, be it next year, next month, next week, tomorrow or an hour from now.

What is the best business protection you can buy?   Usually it's the best data protection you can find. 

Today, businesses cannot compete without an efficient computer system and loss of data can actually shut a business down. How long your business remains down is usually a direct function of how long it takes to get the network back on-line and running normally.  As such, some businesses never recover from a data loss and eventual bankruptcy follows.

If you can recover, thatís better than about 40% of the other businesses experiencing a catastrophic data loss. That 40% never reopen their doors.  As for the 60% that do, about 68% of those will be out of business within the next year, directly due to that data loss.á   

Here at Networking Delaware we have searched for some time, trying to find that one system that provides the best protection for the most reasonable cost. We have finally found that product.

Networking Delaware's Business Continuity System can quickly and easily resolve the following scenarios:

1. A new employee accidentally deletes some important files.  He is afraid to tell anyone and the deletions are not discovered for a few days.
With our solution you can go back a month to run a simple data restore.

2. Your server hard drive crashes on the day of a very important business deadline.
   With our system your backup device can be converted to a replacement  up-to-date server in less than 10 minutes.

3.  Your backups appear to be successful and occurring on schedule, but you have no easy way to confirm this is happening.
     With our system you can easily access backed-up files just as you would access server files, confirming that backups are successful.

4.  You are successfully backing up your data each night, but when a failure occurs near the end of the day, that day's data has to be recreated after your day-old data is restored
     With our system we can perform data "snapshots" as often as every 15 minutes so you can restore data that is no more than 15 minutes old.

5.  Your office burns to the ground, taking both your server and all backup data.
   A server can be virtualized, in the cloud, to replace your office server using an exact image of your data
   and, with proper credentials, you and your employees can access that data from anywhere a live Internet
   connection exists.

á The Gartner Group- 2006 research study.
©2012 Networking Delaware, LLC
Why focus on backup when what you really need is to stay up?

Data backup alone is dead. Todayís businesses need to be always on and available, meaning itís no longer just about being able to restore the data. Itís about keeping a businessí data, applications and systems up and running during any server problem. Itís about eliminating downtime so businesses stay productive and keep meeting customer expectations, no matter what happens.

After months of research Networking Delaware has the identified the best, most cost effective solution that fully meets these requirements, and unbelievably this product does not require any up-front hardware costs.
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